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If you are not a part of EU then taking this Exam increase your chances to get admitted in the best German Universities.
- Digital TestAS
- Paper Based TestAS

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Specific Subject -
- Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences
- Mathematics, computer Science and natural Sciences
- Life Sciences
- Engineering
- Economic
- Medicine

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Aufnahmeprüfung is an admission examination to Studienkolleg in a University. It is mandatory to pass Aufnahmeprüfung. German level B1 and B2 required in order to apply for Aufnahmeprüfung
It is divided by Two Parts
- German language Examination. This Exam Duration is 60-90 minutes
- Maths Examination. This Exam Duration is 45-60 minutes
In German Test, two Types of Questions
1. C-Test
2. Lückentest

In Maths Test, 9 or 10 questions are given.
Syllabus for Maths Test
1. fraction
2. Inequalities
3. Decimals
4. Basic Algebra
5. Term and their Transformation
6. Binomial formulas
7. Computing with exponents and powers
8. Polynomial
9. Percentage
10. Linear and quadratic equations
11. Root equations
12. Linear systems of equations
13. Exponential equations
14. Angle, Interior Angle
15. Logarithmic
Many more subjects are there.

Students give T- Kurs , M- Kurs and W- Kurs in Studienkolleg.

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